Wrongfully Convicted

In this incredibly powerful episode, Lonnie Mayne talks with Dean McKee, a man wrongfully convicted more than 30 years ago for a murder he did NOT commit. Dean spent 30 years in prison and fought day in and day out to prove his innocence. The Innocence Project eventually took his case and in time were able to get his conviction overturned and he walked out of prison, a free man, January 9, 2018. 

Dean has never been compensated for his wrongful conviction and 30 years in prison. It would only make sense that he would be very cynical, angry, and bitter. Shockingly, he is not. Instead, he has forgiven those involved in this injustice and is full of gratitude for his life and his freedom and is working hard to build a life for himself and his wife, Danie. He has known Danie since they were 15 years old. Danie walked with and fought alongside Dean to help secure his freedom.

Dean and Danie now live in their beautiful home with their dog, Buddy. They enjoy working in their vegetable and flower gardens. Gardening was something that became a life-line for Dean while in prison. They have built a business together, Inside Ink Tattoo Studio, based in Largo, Florida. This was a dream of Dean’s throughout his incarceration. 

Dean’s attitude of gratitude and spirit is something special to behold. In his own words: “I am so grateful for my life and my freedom and all of our family and friends that we have made, and who have supported us on this journey. Life outside is so different than what I’m used to after 30 years of prison, and I am forever grateful for the people that worked so hard to get me home.”

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