5 reasons organizations choose Red Shoes Living to stand out in


Compete for talent and Clients with Culture

People want to work for companies that develop their personal strengths and care about their well-being. Time and time again, we’ve seen employees demonstrate company loyalty when organizations take the time to build a culture worth working for. From family-run businesses to Fortune 500s, Red Shoes Living organizations are recruiting and retaining the best talent while keeping training costs and employee turnover rates at an all-time low — not because of the compensation or benefits they can offer, but because of the positive and engaging work environment they’ve built.


More Than The Bottom Line

Red Shoes Living is not only a way to work, but a way to live. When your employees take this concept home, they’ll find themselves being more present with their families at the dinner table, feeling more confident about the way they’re showing up, stepping up for others because they’re inspired to, and making more time for their personal interests and well-being. And I don’t have to tell you that healthier and happier employees show up to work feeling more energized, engaged, and eager to give you their best performance.


A Top-down Model Of Sustainability

Red Shoes Living makes it possible for organizations to deploy a holistic leadership framework company-wide, see an immediate impact, and sustain it long-term. Starting with the leadership team who are your culture-makers, Red Shoes Living trickles down to mid-level managers, sales, and customer service departments, and threads together every single employee within the organization from HR reps to accountants. This means everyone can implement the program with minimal management involved and take true ownership of the program, so they feel like they’re playing an active role in the culture they want to be a part of.


Make It Your Own

Red Shoes Living is a practical philosophy and adaptable framework that organizations are making their own. Most organizations choose to integrate Red Shoes Living into the culture they’ve already worked so hard to build, so they can evolve what’s working for them and ignite the human spirit of their employees without starting from scratch. Different employees respond to different engagement strategies, which is why Red Shoes Living is designed to be flexible and complement current growth strategies. Watch your employees personalize the Red Shoes Living concept based on what it means to them, so they can find more purpose and fulfillment in their work.


A Simple Way To Create Meaningful Experiences

Why invest thousands in complex leadership development programs when you can get an immediate ROI from a simple framework that’s customizable to your organization’s goals? Red Shoes Living gives you an easy-to-follow roadmap for creating meaningful experiences, from customer delivery and branding to staff training and marketing. Your organization and people can implement it company-wide right away and find their way back to it when they’ve lost track of the shared vision, values, and mission statement due to company changes or challenging times.

I initially saw Lonnie at our conference in September and his presentation stirred something inside me, it was a push to get started on things I knew I had start changing. I went through a really hard time at the end of the year and when I was able to sit with Lonnie and talk and then go through the 8 weeks of training, I literally started looking at things in my life and making hard changes as a result of Red Shoes Living. The biggest thing I took from Lonnie is you need to take care of yourself so that you can identify and take action on all of the Red Shoes opportunities that are presented day to day, almost like listening to the universe coming together. Red Shoes helped me do that, and I can honestly say, I am a much different person today because of it. By changing myself and my outlook I have become a much better manager and feel more of a connection with all of my employees and co-workers now than I ever have. Red Shoes provided some incredible insight and a new good friend, what could be better than that?

Workshop Testimonial - Vic Biscoe

Branch Manager

PRMI Maryland


What type of workshop are you looking for?

Every Red Shoes Living workshop is customized to your organization’s goals and objectives. While these workshops are designed for the leadership and executive track, they can also be tailored for specific audiences like your sales team or customer service department to break down the five steps of Red Shoes Living as they apply to their specialized roles.

Immediate Impact

Want to introduce your leadership team to Red Shoes Living or create a quick lift for your sales or customer success team this quarter? Inspire them with the award-winning philosophy and five-step framework that shows them how to stand out in leadership, customer experience, culture, and life. Participants will take away an easy-to-follow roadmap for immediately implementing Red Shoes Living in their own work and life, as well as a model of sustainability to keep them engaged with the concept long-term.

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Lasting Transformation

For the organization that’s serious about developing an engaged leadership team and standout customer experience, full day workshops give us an opportunity to create a direct application plan, explore team and individual exercises, and use advanced analysis tools to thread Red Shoes Living into the current culture on a more transformative level.

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Red Shoes Living Deployment and Implementation

If you want to take Red Shoes Living deeper into your organization for maximum impact, we can create a customized seven-phase implementation plan that includes on-site training with your leadership team, hands-on goal-setting, and team-building exercises. Your leadership team will work side-by-side with Lonnie & his team to practice and implement the Red Shoes Living principles.

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Continuous Improvement & Development for Leadership Teams

After completing our signature Red Shoes Living 60-day program, Lonnie can come back on-site every quarter to keep your executive and leadership teams inspired, help you stay on track with your goals and vision, troubleshoot implementation challenges, and measure ongoing progress.

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“Lonnie was the perfect speaker for our group. He was able to tailor his presentation to what would work best in our culture.

The five steps are amazing because they are easy to remember, are the heart of how many of us aspire to live our lives every day and are also sustainable!

My team can’t stop talking about how they’re applying them!

Lonnie has a lot of meaningful experience, a love for life and a passion for helping people continuously improve themselves. If you’re looking for a team building activity that will energize and motivate your team to reach their full potential, Lonnie and #redshoesliving is for you!”

Laura Smith

Public Relations Manager

Idaho Central Credit Union

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