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In a world bustling with aspirations and countless opportunities, we often find ourselves at crossroads, looking for that guiding light to move us forward.

The weight of expectations, the fear of judgment, and not knowing our inner potential block us from living the life of purpose that resonates deep within.

Listen, I know this feeling. The answer is — this light is within you. And I am here to guide you to reignite it. Together, we’ll embark on a transformative journey to shift away from outdated paradigms, reconnect to the inner you, and build the environment where you’ll practice the Art of Possible.

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Lonnie Mayne is an author and internationally recognized leadership authority, and award- winning keynote speaker who is in high demand. Lonnie is the Founder and CEO of Red Shoes Living, Inc.

Red Shoes Living is a philosophy and framework that gets applied to leadership, culture, customer experience and to how one individually lives their life. Lonnie is the author of the acclaimed book, Red Shoes Living - Stand Out for The Positive in How You Work and How You Live. A deeply meaningful philosophy that inspires us to live our best life and do our best work. It’s a way of humanizing business and igniting human

potential. It reminds us to stand out in our own way in literally everything we do. When we get it right, we create experiences that stand out, like a pair of red shoes.

Lonnie is a former technology and turnaround executive who has spent thirty years building leadership teams to deliver Red Shoes Experiences, both inside teams, and getting the very best out of people using the Red Shoes Living framework. Lonnie has worked with best-in-class companies who believe in standing out for the positive, including Microsoft, Nike, McDonald’s, Bose, Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Make-A-Wish, Transamerica, Saks Fifth Avenue, Spartan, Talkdesk and many more.

Lonnie has presented at the Palace of Westminster in London, many professional stadiums around the world, and works with top-level CEOs and high-performing leadership teams of all kinds. He has also worked with Olympians, professional athletes, politicians, business executives, military leaders, fortune 100 executives, entrepreneurs, and founders of some of the most progressive companies of our time.

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