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speak for themselves.

As the CEO for Make-A-Wish America, it is my distinct pleasure to record my appreciation to Lonnie Mayne for his Red Shoes Living leadership.

Make-A-Wish America is a national non-profit that grants wishes to children with critical illness.  The wish introduces hope and joy for these special kids facing these unique challenges.  Given the power of our mission, the incidence of the pandemic caused great heartache for our team members and caused us to re-imagine our mission while protecting our promises.

On that backdrop, we introduced Lonnie into our teams’ Iives and his Red Shoes Living philosophy (retitled Blues Shoes Living (BSL) for Make-A-Wish) was exactly what we needed to recapture our enthusiasm, our energy and our shared passion for our mission.

More specifically, he has introduced a very authentic way of positioning our teams to work more collaboratively, more positively and in a more celebratory way - as we pivot during these challenging times.  His presentation skills are remarkable, his approach to personal accountability is timely, and his role-modeling personal vulnerability has been very well received by our team.

We are in the early stages of Blue Shoes Living and it has already “taken flight” as the “new” way of leading at our very special organization.

Richard Davis - President

Chief Executive Officer


Lonnie Mayne delivers what he promises – an authentic, inspiring, heartfelt message of empowerment and positivity. It was just what our group needed and was deeply felt by many, including me. I wish I could say that my own brilliant, inspiring presentations were the crowd favorites from the conference, but it was clearly your keynote that lit the place up! Keep changing lives. The world needs it!

David Hartney - Global Head

Client Development & Sales

I initially saw Lonnie at our conference in September and his presentation stirred something inside me, it was a push to get started on things I knew I had start changing. I went through a really hard time at the end of the year and when I was able to sit with Lonnie and talk and then go through the 8 weeks of training, I literally started looking at things in my life and making hard changes as a result of Red Shoes Living. The biggest thing I took from Lonnie is you need to take care of yourself so that you can identify and take action on all of the Red Shoes opportunities that are presented day to day, almost like listening to the universe coming together. Red Shoes helped me do that, and I can honestly say, I am a much different person today because of it. By changing myself and my outlook I have become a much better manager and feel more of a connection with all of my employees and co-workers now than I ever have. Red Shoes provided some incredible insight and a new good friend, what could be better than that?

Workshop Testimonial - Vic Biscoe

Branch Manager

PRMI Maryland

With Lonnie talking about how you elevate how you show up in the world... he was so poignant, he was so differentiating. He said so many things that you know every day, but it's the way that he put it together, and how he touched people's hearts. And I have to say, there was hardly a dry eye in the room because it really reached them deeply and it reached them personally. It resonated with them in a way that I could hear throughout the rest of the day from the other speakers, and throughout the conversations that I had with other attendees, that it really resonated in a way that they could walk away with constructive and practical ways in how to think about how they elevate, how they show up in the world, personally and professionally. Truly, one of the best speakers of our time.

Kerry Desberg

Chief Marketing Officer


I wanted to reach out to you regarding your recent visit to the Broadmoor. I really enjoyed your keynote presentation. After hearing literally hundreds of presentations on leadership and teamwork, yours was a breath of fresh air, relating it back to the individual. It was a pleasure being on the AV team for your presentation. Thanks again.

Ken Toal

Broadmoor Hotel & Resort

Lonnie Mayne’s keynotes have captivated our global events. His poignant way of elevating interactions to any condition, change or challenge is a philosophy we’ve incorporated into our service culture.

The Red Shoes Living framework has been embraced by the Talkdesk services organization. We’ve incorporated the five principles into the way we recognize performance. The results have had a very positive effect on our team’s engagement as well as our value of customer-obsession.

Kieran King

Chief Customer Officer


Working with Lonnie was an absolute pleasure from the planning process to the delivery of Lonnie’s keynote address. The attention to detail and customer experience was second to none. Even in a virtual environment, Lonnie was able to bring a highly engaging experience from start to finish, connecting with each delegate in a deep and meaningful way. Our delegates said they could have listed to his message all day! Truly a pleasure and I look forward to working together again soon.

Deanna Miller

Senior Manager, National Conferences and Events

Habitat for Humanity Canada

“I will admit that I was apprehensive that a Red Shoes Living virtual presentation would be impactful and fully engage our team. But, with 323 restaurants in 17 states (and in the middle of a pandemic), a virtual conference was our only option.

We invited Lonnie MayneTM to speak at the conference and it was far better than we ever imagined it would be. Lonnie is an engaging and accomplished speaker in person, but in the virtual presentation, he also had an incredibly strong connection to the audience because each attendee had a front-row seat.

His message is meaningful, helpful, and inspirational. He bonds with his audience without the hyped-up and forced animation that is typical of most motivational speakers. His presentation style was conversational and warm. He truly offered valuable information to the conference attendees.

I whole-heartedly recommend Lonnie and his Red Shoes Living presentation - he is impressive both in person and on a virtual platform.”

Roland Spongberg

President & CEO

WKS Restaurant Group

I first heard Lonnie MayneTM make a very powerful presentation at an ALHI leadership function, and I knew that Lonnie would be a great inspirational speaker for our GOCA meeting. I also knew that bringing in a speaker like Lonnie was a profound departure from our classic format of doing an immediate deep dive into our world of International Industrial Partnerships. However, I had no idea that Lonnie’s presentation would send our entire three day gathering on an upward spiral of positivity and having everyone thinking “How can I live my life to the fullest and make a positive difference along the way”. In the days that followed Lonnie’s talk, almost every presentation made some reference to Red Shoes Living, and over half of our 250 delegates took the time to personally thank me for welcoming Lonnie into our gathering. As you listen to Lonnie’s stories you will walk away with your own personal takeaways, and I am confident that you will be moved and inspired by Lonnie’s enrichment of your gathering.

Dov Hyman

Director of Conferences - Global Offset Countertrade Association

President at Dolan International Trade and Capital LLC

We had received several recommendations from trusted colleagues to ask Lonnie MayneTM to present at our associations annual conference event. As conference chair, having a great keynote was really important to me. We knew we wanted to provide a program that would inspire, lift, and motivate every attendee to take on the challenges we face in our industry. Lonnie hit it out of the park! With great engagement there was laughter, tears, and most importantly a general sense of excitement to be “red shoes” in the way we live our lives. So many people have reached out to me to tell me that this was our best conference ever and based on their feedback, our survey data, and the palpable feeling in the room, the majority of that great response is due to our selection of Lonnie MayneTM as our Keynote! I highly recommend him for any group as his content really transcends industry, form or function of his audience.

Jeff Wibert – CEO

Family Resource Homecare

One of our long-time clients brought Lonnie into speak to 900+ attendees at their Annual Convention. The FIRST team was so moved by the session we knew we had to share what we learned and asked Lonnie to come to speak to our employees at our winter off-site meeting.

After his presentation our CEO noted there was “not a dry eye in the house” – everyone was so moved by his experiences and the idea of putting ourselves in others’ shoes.

We see every day how we deepen our client relationships by taking the time to listen to their needs. One of our Producers still wears his red Converse to shows to remind him to go the extra mile every day.”

Maggie Connolly

VP Client Services


“We had the privilege of working with Lonnie MayneTM as a keynote for our National General Manager Conference. Lonnie’s presentation was eloquent and engaging, as he seemingly found a way to emotionally connect with each attendee.

His real-world examples resonate with everyone and reinforce the concepts remarkably well.

The overall message of Red Shoes Living proved to be extremely valuable for our team, both professionally and personally.”

Mark Ruhga

Regional Operations Manager

Landscapes Management Company

“NHS Elect invited Lonnie to our Annual Conference two years ago and colleagues are still talking about his presentation on Red Shoes. Lonnie embodies the core values of emotional connection, empathy and humbleness with people regardless ‎they are your customers or colleagues or strangers.

His messages are universal, his challenge to us to be kinder and do good couldn’t be closer to our health care service values and his personal impact on the day was unforgettable.

You can certainly add the NHS to your fanbase!”

Sue Kong


NHS Elect

“I wanted to take a moment and send you a testimonial to share our experience not only with you as a fantastic keynote but the inspiration you delivered with Red Shoes Living. We live in a current state of constant change and Red Shoes Living provides the necessary stability for organizations to be mindful of their people.

The impact you had on our audience at ELE LIVE was immeasurable. Even weeks after this national conference, I continue to get remarks about how Red Shoes Living changed them.

To hear their Red Shoes’ stories since is moving and always brings a smile.

Red Shoes Living touches not only the essence of the professional leader; it reaches a depth at the very core of our humanity. Red Shoes Living to the corporate world is like a home to the personal world. It provides a place to go where you can always count on kindness, gratitude, grace, and humility. So simple and yet leaders and their organizations struggle to balance this every day.

You are creating an amazingly inspirational culture movement and I’m proud to be a part of it. Every day, I find myself thinking, “Is what I’m doing now a Red Shoes moment?” If the answer is less than a powerful “YES!”, I reset and re-engage. Thank you for bringing your voice not only to the platform but across international waters. No matter our sociodemographic, race, financial status, religious or political beliefs, we are all made to wear “red shoes”.

CJ Rodriguez

President & CEO

evolve™ Healthcare Solutions, Inc.

“I have known and interacted with Lonnie for five or so years. From the very first time that I spoke with Lonnie I got that he is unique:

an executive who reached the top as president of InMoment, yet humble; smart yet embodying dignity and human warmth.

Coming across Lonnie and interacting with him occurs as one of the greatest privileges of my existence. If you are up for living an exceptional life (a Red Shoes life), or up for creating an exceptional team/culture/organization, then invite Lonnie to speak with you/your organization. And listen—listen with your head, your heart, and that which lies even deeper. Do that and your life will never be the same again.”

Maz Iqbal

CRM/CX Specialist

Lonnie was an incredible presenter! The attendees loved him. As an event planner who is responsible for many large meetings annually, I can’t say enough about how wonderful Lonnie and his team were to work with. Lonnie was energetic, engaging and inspirational. He was the perfect speaker for this time in our nation and world. He was definitely the highlight of our conference!

Lisa Dunn

Director of Conference Services

Alabama Bankers Association

We’ve been in business for 16 years, and remain successful by any metric. As we’ve grown and expanded, we needed another measuring stick and discussion point that didn’t involve production or timelines. Lonnie and Red Shoes Living provided that. We kicked off 2019 by engaging Lonnie MayneTM and Red Shoes Living to help us better understand our culture and how to treat each other. I can’t overstate how this project helped us. It’s no coincidence that we grew by 44% (with minimal head count increase) in the same year where we worked harder to treat each other better! We start every meeting and conversation with Red Shoes as part of it. We’re constantly reminding each other to pause. We look at all issues (big and small) through the lens of Red Shoes. Lonnie and the Red Shoes Living team not only impacted our business, but became friends!

Dean Johnson

Division President

PRMI Maryland

Lonnie MayneTM far exceeded our expectations as a closing keynote speaker for IEC. He knows how to set the stage and capture an audience by telling a compelling story that inspires others to live with more kindness and grace. Lonnie is authentic to his motto of Red Shoes Living, and ALHI is privileged to know him and will continue to maintain a Red Shoes Living outlook because of his keynote and the incredible impact he had on our audience.

Ashly Balding

Chief Strategy Officer

Associated Luxury Hotels International

I have worked for several Fortune 500 companies and have been to many events and seminars about team building, conflict resolution and how to deliver the highest levels of internal and external customer service….Lonnie MayneTM is the best of the bunch as far as I am concerned. His humble and honest delivery of what Red Shoes Living is all about really connected with me on both a personal and professional level. While I felt I already incorporate much of what Lonnie spoke about, I realized that it is truly a mindset and a way of life to have the full impact. Lonnie is a phenomenal speaker who really finds ways to connect with the audience and his delivery is truly one of a kind.

Adam Siegel


I’ve attended many conferences and leadership training in my 22 year career. Last Fall, at PRMI’s National Conference, I finally walked away from a keynote speaker in awe. Lonnie Mayne’s Red Shoes Living presentation not only touched me, but every person in the room. It’s a simple message, but one that touches you to your core. I remember walking out of the room thinking, “Wow, the world would be a better place if everyone just listened to Lonnie for an hour”. The great thing about Lonnie is you leave wanting more. A lot of speakers leave you with your blood pumping. Lonnie makes you leave with your heart AND soul pumping. And that’s true motivation.

There is not a day that goes by that I’m not aware and thinking of Red Shoes Living. Thank you, Lonnie, for making this world a better place….one human at a time. Lonnie, you are the reason that our annual convention was billed as “the best convention, ever!” by both Idaho dealers and sponsors/partners from around the country.

Every year it is a challenge to beat the previous conference with better, more interesting and exceptional speakers and presenters, along with great locations, scenery and service. You my friend, did not let us down, and only brought up the whole room full of dealers, families and sponsors. The room was intrigued, interested, and by far, I had the biggest crowd at your presentation. More than I have ever seen with any other presenter for our conventions. No wonder - you and the Red Shoes Living message are strong, personable and powerful and immediately impactful.

Workshop Testimonial -Laura Nagel

Division Marketing Manager

PRMI Maryland

We bring in a highly rated keynote speaker each year for our annual Denny’s Franchise Association Conference. I had the chance to see Lonnie MayneTM at another conference the year before and knew we had to have him speak at our conference this year in Washington, D.C. By far, hands down, the best and favorite speaker we have had over the years. There was a long-standing ovation and the feedback has been 100 percent positive from everyone I have spoken to that attended the conference.

Lonnie’s ability to connect with the audience is like something I have never witnessed before. He’s a gem! We also bought the Red Shoes Living book for all of our attendees as a reference reminder of the Red Shoes Living message. Every new franchisee member receives a book. I continue to refer Lonnie to everyone that asks.

Kevin Hanigan

VP - Executive Director

Idaho Automobile Dealers Association

Lonnie MayneTM delivers what he promises – an authentic, inspiring, heartfelt message of empowerment and positivity. It was just what our group needed and was deeply felt by many, including me. I wish I could say that my own brilliant, inspiring presentations were the crowd favorites from the conference, but it was clearly the Red Shoes Living keynote that lit the place up! Keep changing lives. The world needs it!

Barbara Magro

Association Executive Director & Event Manager – Denny’s

Having been associated with a national group of highly successful commercial real estate professionals on both a local and National level, I have had the distinct pleasure of hearing many great speakers over the past 15 years. Those speakers have included international business leaders, famous athletes, authors, politicians, and motivational speakers. My local chapter was fortunate to have Lonnie speak to us at our monthly dinner meeting recently and he exceeded everyone’s expectations. The consensus was that Lonnie’s very insightful and moving presentation made him the best and most impactful speaker that we have ever had. Many of us agreed that his insights into everyday life and human relationships, if practiced, will make each of us better, and most likely more successful individuals. It’s almost impossible to hear Lonnie’s message and not be moved toward positive change.

Bill Rodewald, SIOR

Senior Vice President

Regional Manager

RED SHOES LIVING – the best inspiration I have seen in a long time, I will never forget that presentation or Lonnie Mayne – it was awesome – It was relevant, it was very pertinent to today’s evolving and changing world in every way, Thank you, thank you

Dan Jorgensen

Idaho Central Credit Union

Business Development Manager

Lonnie Mayne’s powerful message strikes a chord, deeply resonating both professionally and personally. I’ve had the honor of hearing Lonnie’s Red Shoes Living address twice. Both times, I’ve taken pause and really felt the impact. Even amongst a large crowd, you are instantly captured by his words and feel his message is tailored just for you.

Lonnie’s five pillars promote positive conversation, reevaluation and transformation. I applaud Lonnie’s deceptively simple, yet powerful message that touches and energizes you to put your best self forward and show up every time.

Chris Kirk

Managing Director Colliers International

Lonnie spoke at our staff retreat, recognizing all our employees as Red Shoes individuals who go above and beyond for their clients. From the first time we connected to set up the event, through navigating the details, to the presentation and follow up, Lonnie's team demonstrated the principles of Red Shoes Living and acting in service of others. The presentation only strengthened our staff’s determination to live a life of kindness and respect, showing these qualities to our clients, to each other, and to the world.

In parallel, the presentation reminded us as leaders that to have engaged and happy employees, we must first be empathetic leaders determined to help our employees grow personally and professionally. We look forward to working with the Red Shoes Living crew on future projects for our clients and would recommend them to anyone.

Elizabeth Pulliam

Team Development Manager

Parthenon Management Group, LLC

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