“Our #1 rated session”

— CJ Rodriguez, President & CEO, evolve™ Healthcare Solutions, Inc.

“One of the most impressive storytellers I’ve experienced”

— Sami, DoTopia Evangelist

“I walked away feeling inspired to ACT”

— Dave Blake, Founder/CEO, CustomerSuccess

Give your audience an experience that’s…

Give your audience an experience that’s…





If you want to inspire your audience to stand out in leadership, customer experience, culture, and life, let me share a simple philosophy and five-step framework that’s changing the way people show up in the world and workplace.

Red Shoes Living is a powerful, relatable, and share-worthy message that people immediately apply and never forget. It’s a constant reminder of the ONE thing that connects us in this noisy and negative world we live in:

our humanity.

Whether you want to inspire a boardroom of executives or the attendees at your next national conference, every keynote starts with your goals in mind and is completely tailored to your audience’s needs.

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Why the Red Shoes Living message inspires top ratings and standing ovations:

“Having been associated with a National group of highly successful commercial real estate professionals on both a local and National level, I have had the distinct pleasure of hearing many great speakers over the past 15 years. Those speakers have included international business leaders, famous athletes, authors, politicians, and motivational speakers.

The consensus was that Lonnie’s very insightful and moving presentation made him the best and most impactful speaker that we have ever had.

Many of us agreed that his insights into everyday life and human relationships, if practiced, will make each of us better, and most likely more successful individuals. It’s almost impossible to hear Lonnie’s message and not be moved toward positive change .”

Bill Rodewald

Senior Vice President & Regional Manager


“When it comes to inspiring people to live life to the fullest, nothing is more powerful than Lonnie’s Red Shoe Living philosophy.

Beyond the wonderful stories that touch everyone’s heart, Lonnie presents a framework that motivates all levels within an organization.

He show today’s leaders how to promote positivity within the team and workplace. Lonnie challenges leaders with real-life examples, practical ideas, and expert advice on how to bring out the best in others and yourself! He taught hundreds of Tennessee state leaders what it means to live the red show philosophy and walk the talk everyday while inspiring others to do the same!”

Dr. Trish Holliday

Assistant Commissioner & State Chief Learning Officer

Tennessee State Government

“I’ve attended many conferences and leadership training in my 22 year career. Last Fall, at PRMI’s National Conference, I finally walked away from a keynote speaker in awe. Lonnie Mayne’s Red Shoes Living presentation not only touched me, but every person in the room. It was such a simple message but we felt it so deeply.

I remember walking out of the room thinking, “Wow, the world would be a better place if they all just listened to Lonnie for an hour”.

The great thing about Lonnie is you leave wanting more. A lot of speakers leave you with your blood pumping. Lonnie makes you leave with your heart and soul pumping. And that’s true motivation. There is not a day that goes by that I’m not aware and thinking of Red Shoes Living. Thank you, Lonnie, for making this world a better place….one human at a time.”

Laura Nagel

Division Marketing Manager

PRMI Maryland

Why book Lonnie for your next event?

Memorable Stories & Real-world Examples

After spending 18 years in corporate America and 10 years as an executive of a high-growth technology company where he worked with some of the most iconic brands and leaders in the world, Lonnie explains why Red Shoes Living is making waves in corporate cultures and inspiring people to transform the way they live and work. Engage and captivate your audience with Lonnie’s bigger-than-life tales of his pro-wrestling father, Moondog Mayne, his recent exploits as a Spartan competitor, and real-world examples and case studies of Red Shoes Living in action.

Tailored to Your Audience

Lonnie is always an audience favorite because he finds a way to connect with everyone in the room. As a corporate executive and trusted counsel for other executives and leadership teams, Lonnie understands the challenges leaders and organizations face in today’s competitive global marketplace. Whether your goal is to inspire your leadership team to reach their full potential or motivate your sales team to hit their quarterly goals, Lonnie presents to audiences of 45 to 4,500, customizing his Red Shoes Living message to the specific challenges and objectives of your group.

Move People to Act

Motivation rarely lasts. Lonnie lives his message every day and embodies the Red Shoes Living philosophy, igniting people to take action and inspiring real change. Your audience will get an easy-to-follow framework for standing out in leadership and life, practical takeaways, and a model of sustainability that shows them how to apply Red Shoes Living in a way that’s meaningful and personal to them.

Ignite the Human Spirit in Work and Life

Red Shoes Living is more than a leadership framework. Red Shoes Living means to stand out for the positive. It’s a way of life that works equally well across all the things that you care about: work, play, family, friends, and community. Lonnie shows us how we can apply the five steps of Red Shoes Living, so we can create cultures that people want to be a part of, become the leaders we want to be, and build better lives for ourselves and the people we care about.

Engage With What Matters Most

Lonnie’s known for delivering a simple but emotionally powerful message that wakes people up, resonates with all walks of life, and sticks with your audience long after the final applause. Don’t be surprised to see your attendees go home with a new appreciation and enthusiasm for the relationships they’re building with their teams, customers, and families.

“We live in a current state of constant change and Red Shoes Living provides the necessary stability for organizations to be mindful of their people.

The impact you had on our audience at ELE LIVE was immeasurable. Even weeks after this national conference, I continue to get remarks about how Red Shoes Living changed them.

Red Shoes Living touches not only the essence of the professional leader; it reaches a depth at the very core of our humanity. Red Shoes Living to the corporate world is like a home to the personal world. It provides a place to go where you can always count on kindness, gratitude, grace, and humility. So simple and yet leaders and their organizations struggle to balance this every day.”

CJ Rodriguez

President & CEO

evolve™ Healthcare Solutions, Inc.

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