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speak for themselves.

“When you hire Lonnie to speak at your event, you know it’s not going to be some buttoned-up corporate snoozefest. From captivating stories to head-nodding moments, Lonnie has a unique ability to make everyone in the room feel like he’s having a 1:1 conversation with them.

Too many brands are so distracted by metrics and analytics, they forget the core foundation of all standout customer experiences and company cultures: Empathy.

At our global leadership summit in the Netherlands, Lonnie reminded us that leadership isn’t just about professional development; it’s about personal development.

I consider Lonnie a personal mentor and friend who has taught me how to take a step back, lead quietly while still holding others accountable, and acknowledge the unique contributions and passions of every individual on my team.”

John Cooke

Head of Customer Experience

“I’ve heard many motivational talks in my professional career but nothing as genuine and impactful as Lonnie Mayne’s “Red Shoes Living” talk. Lonnie is a master storyteller and is able to capture the audience in a way that hits them to the core in a very moving and positive way.

I’ve heard Lonnie speak about Red Shoes Living twice and both times I walked away feeling deeply inspired to ACT - to deliver better customer experiences, to better understand different perspectives, to be a better professional, and to be a better person.

Lonnie is a phenomenal leader and a tremendously inspirational speaker. I’m a big fan of Lonnie and am a convert to his Red Shoes Living message.

Dave Blake



One of our long-time clients brought Lonnie into speak to 900+ attendees at their Annual Convention. The FIRST team was so moved by the session we knew we had to share what we learned and asked Lonnie to come to speak to our employees at our winter off-site meeting.

After his presentation our CEO noted there was “not a dry eye in the house” – everyone was so moved by his experiences and the idea of putting ourselves in others’ shoes.

We see every day how we deepen our client relationships by taking the time to listen to their needs. One of our Producers still wears his red Converse to shows to remind him to go the extra mile every day.”

Maggie Connolly

VP Client Services


Lonnie Mayne, Founder & CEO of Red Shoes Living, is one of the most impressive storytellers I have experienced.

His vulnerability, delivery, and simple direction should be heard by all business and non-business people alike.”

Samantha Noble Decker

DoTopia Evangelist

“We had the privilege of working with Lonnie Mayne as a keynote for our National General Manager Conference. Lonnie’s presentation was eloquent and engaging, as he seemingly found a way to emotionally connect with each attendee.

His real-world examples resonate with everyone and reinforce the concepts remarkably well.

The overall message of Red Shoes Living proved to be extremely valuable for our team, both professionally and personally.”

Mark Ruhga

Regional Operations Manager

Landscapes Management Company

“NHS Elect invited Lonnie to our Annual Conference two years ago and colleagues are still talking about his presentation on Red Shoes. Lonnie embodies the core values of emotional connection, empathy and humbleness with people regardless ‎they are your customers or colleagues or strangers.

His messages are universal, his challenge to us to be kinder and do good couldn’t be closer to our health care service values and his personal impact on the day was unforgettable.

You can certainly add the NHS to your fanbase!”

Sue Kong


NHS Elect

“I wanted to take a moment and send you a testimonial to share our experience not only with you as a fantastic keynote but the inspiration you delivered with Red Shoes Living. We live in a current state of constant change and Red Shoes Living provides the necessary stability for organizations to be mindful of their people.

The impact you had on our audience at ELE LIVE was immeasurable. Even weeks after this national conference, I continue to get remarks about how Red Shoes Living changed them.

To hear their Red Shoes’ stories since is moving and always brings a smile.

Red Shoes Living touches not only the essence of the professional leader; it reaches a depth at the very core of our humanity. Red Shoes Living to the corporate world is like a home to the personal world. It provides a place to go where you can always count on kindness, gratitude, grace, and humility. So simple and yet leaders and their organizations struggle to balance this every day.

You are creating an amazingly inspirational culture movement and I’m proud to be a part of it. Every day, I find myself thinking, “Is what I’m doing now a Red Shoes moment?” If the answer is less than a powerful “YES!”, I reset and re-engage. Thank you for bringing your voice not only to the platform but across international waters. No matter our sociodemographic, race, financial status, religious or political beliefs, we are all made to wear “red shoes”.

CJ Rodriguez

President & CEO

evolve™ Healthcare Solutions, Inc.

“I have known and interacted with Lonnie for five or so years. From the very first time that I spoke with Lonnie I got that he is unique:

an executive who reached the top as president of InMoment, yet humble; smart yet embodying dignity and human warmth.

Coming across Lonnie and interacting with him occurs as one of the greatest privileges of my existence. If you are up for living an exceptional life (a Red Shoes life), or up for creating an exceptional team/culture/organization, then invite Lonnie to speak with you/your organization. And listen—listen with your head, your heart, and that which lies even deeper. Do that and your life will never be the same again.”

Maz Iqbal

CRM/CX Specialist

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