Red Shoes Rising

This Red Shoes Living episode features the CEO and Founder of Red Shoes LivingLonnie Mayne, himself talking about Red Shoes Rising. We have received so many requests for more solo podcasts and we will be doing more of these in the future.

Red Shoes Living is a timeless and powerful message. However, through this incredibly noisy and disruptive time in history, there is no better time for applying the Red Shoes Living mindset in your personal and professional lives than now!

COVID has been challenging for sure. With every adversity, there is also often opportunity. COVID has presented some fortuities for many that otherwise may have not been. Quarantine forced an opportunity for us to go deep within and make improvements in our lives whether it be in health, relationships, and professionally. It’s presented a juncture for creativity in all aspects of our lives.

In this episode, Lonnie reviews the pillars of Red Shoes Living and how the pillars can help us all navigate these tough times. COVID gave us no choice but to step into what we are all facing. It is up to us to step through it, and then eventually, step up. This realization led us to create Red Shoes Rising. A thoughtful and important message for us individually, and as leaders, to help navigate what uncertainties and challenges we are all faced with. 

If we apply the Red Shoes Living mindset in our lives, we will get through this, together. We are going to rise through this opportunity and step up to more fulfilling and satisfying personal and professional lives.

Lonnie’s book, Red Shoes Living is available here


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Lonnie Mayne

Lonnie is the founder of Red Shoes Living, a philosophy and framework that is positively disruptive for corporate cultures by helping them to stand out in everything they do. Red Shoes Living is straightforward and incredibly powerful because it creates an inspired cultural movement both inside and outside of your company. Whether it's business or personal, we believe that Red Shoes Living is a way of life. Come join him and his team in the mountains of Park City, Utah. Find out more by email or call us directly at +1 801-783-7373.

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