The Results

speak for themselves.

How Red Shoes Living helped one of the largest US resorts lower training costs and employee turnover


The Challenge

Attracting, engaging and retaining top talent in a labour market that’s booming with employment opportunities is no easy task. The CEO of one of the country’s largest resorts knew that their company culture could be what made the difference:

“Connecting with the new generation of millennials is challenging. They’re looking for more than a paycheck. They want to do work that matters, find purpose and fulfillment and feel heard. While we realize that our compensation model is not the highest option in the marketplace, we felt that supplementing it with the RSL program would make us competitive enough to attract and keep the right team members.”

By creating a company culture that made their employees feel like their work had meaning and they were a part of a worthwhile mission, the company hoped to hire smarter and lower training costs and employee turnover.

The Results

Once the company applied the RSL framework and principles to their interviewing process, they found they were better able to filter applicants and find employees who felt more “at home” in their company culture, and therefore, less likely to seek other employment.

“Our training costs in certain departments have been reduced due to better employee engagement. They’re actually interested in learning what we do and being a part of it.”

The Unexpected Value of Red Shoes Living

From the very beginning, the company wanted the RSL program to become the staff’s program, so they could mandate it and implement it with minimal management involved.

“We were able to push the RSL program oversight down to the direct line supervisors and keep upper management out of the day to day involvement. This is not your typical highly structured, cookie-cutter corporate training program. It was refreshing to let staff have the flexibility to make the RSL program what they wanted it to be, so they could truly take ownership of it and sustain it company-wide.”

*The organization and CEO’s name has been kept private to protect their competitive interests.

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