People want more than a paycheck.

Red Shoes Living is a simple framework that reminds us of what truly matters so we can all unleash our full potential, in work and life.

When you implement Red Shoes Living, it ignites your company's culture. Everyone will be motivated to do their best, so they’ll create standout customer experiences that skyrocket growth. And they’ll live their best lives.

Humanizing business.


Organizations of all sizes are adopting the award-winning Red Shoes Living philosophy and five-step framework to develop a high performance and sustainable leadership model, create standout customer experiences, and build a highly engaged and meaningful culture that empowers people to do their best work and live their best life.


There’s tremendous value in your workforce.

Right now, though, you may feel like you're not getting as much from  your employees as you can.

Studies show that 70% of employees are disengaged.

And it’s costing companies billions.


It's costing you.

Because when employees aren’t engaged, they’re less likely to attract customers successfully. When employees aren’t performing at their best, the company suffers.

The disengaged workforce is costing you another way, too...

Because now, more than ever, you only want top talent, but the battle to recruit and retain them is more competitive than ever. And developing them is tough, too.


There’s a way to inspire meaningful change. Companies big and small alike are adopting Red Shoes Living as the new leadership paradigm. It’s about what matters: people.

Red Shoes Living is about bringing everyone to the table and holding them accountable to being the best version of themselves. It’s about teamwork and infusing meaning into everyone’s work. It’s about creating customer experiences that stand out like a pair of red shoes.

Red Shoes Living has impacted these brands.

Unlock the power of an engaged team.

Red Shoes Living is not just an award-winning philosophy, but an adaptable five-step framework.

How a pioneering concept created an 817% lift in revenue.

With Red Shoes Living, you can build a meaningful culture that develops high-performance leadership and an engaged workforce focused on delivering standout customer experiences.

Red Shoes Living empowers people to be their best, at work and in their lives.


"If you want to grow and win the battle for top talent, you need employees that lead by doing meaningful work. They'll create standout customer experiences and do work they actually care about. They’ll be stoked to get up and come to work every day."

In today’s complex world, people are hungry for meaningful work and meaningful ways to live that create a positive impact.

When you implement Red Shoes Living and weave it into your company's values and mission, your organization can experience positive change overnight.

Because Red Shoes Living is a way to stand out as a beacon of positivity. And it’s spreading like wild fire.


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Create positive change for people and your organization when you implement Red Shoes Living.

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Red Shoes Living is a versatile approach to business and life, rooted in the simple yet profound idea that kindness and respect can lift us all toward better outcomes. An impactful read at any stage of your career."

— Danny Meyer, New York Times bestselling author of Selling the Table.

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