"It's the new growth strategy for standing out in today’s competitive global marketplace."

The cost of disengagement in the modern workplace is real: Low customer satisfaction ratings. High employee turnover rates. Losing the battle for top talent. Coming up short on those sales targets every quarter. And a lack of respectful leadership fueling discontent.

For those of us who want to drive meaningful change within our organizations, we already know that we need to start with the one performance metric that has the power to have the biggest impact on all the others: Employee engagement.

Engaged employees are proven to be happier, more productive and innovative, better collaborators, and consistently deliver standout customer experiences.

But the problem is, even for companies that recognize the value of putting people first, the “how” or implementation is the missing piece. This is where Red Shoes Living can help your organization and leadership team reach their full potential.

Hi, I'm Lonnie Mayne.

And when I was just a kid, I remember hearing the cheers for my pro-wrestling dad rise from the stands. But as soon as he stepped out of the ring, the way he’d shake off his Moondog Mayne persona to connect with his fans on a human level always stuck with me.

After he passed away, I spent my summers traveling with my uncle who was a CEO “turnaround guy” and my personal business mentor. I sat in meetings with him and watched him get the best out of others by treating them like people first and employees or customers second.

So when I stepped into the ring of Regional Manager at age 23 and spent the next 18 years in executive roles, navigating mergers and acquisitions, I found myself asking: “How can I turn this noise down and develop the full potential of our people and our organization even amidst challenging or disruptive times?”

I knew there had to be a more respectful way to have tough conversations, handle company changes, and build team trust and resilience. A more inspired way to get others showing up every day, feeling excited to get to work. A more personalized way to serve our customers and stand out from our competitors...

And I also knew where these changes would have to start: Not with the company, but with the leaders building and inspiring our company culture.

So I created a simple, life-changing, and value-driven performance model that I’d test drive for the next 30 years — and I called it Red Shoes Living.

I used Red Shoes Living to...

Win contracts with big brands like Nike, Tiffany & Co., McDonald's, Walgreens, Comcast, and Hertz.
Put together the team that grew the tech company InMoment 817% over a short period of time.
Recruit and retain top talent, even though I couldn’t always offer the highest compensation.
Step up as a founding patron of the American Citizen Awards to recognize everyday heroes.
Present four times at the prestigious British Citizen Awards held at the Palace of Westminister.
Develop the Spartan-X leadership program that’s been selling out in stadiums across the country.
Compete in Spartan events, from the World Championships in Lake Tahoe to racing in Iceland.
Spread the message that people matter by delivering anti-bullying and suicide awareness talks to youth.
Be a better dad and a better human being.

“The British Citizen Awards recognise individuals for their selflessness and positive impact on society: the very people that personify the Red Shoes Living philosophy.

When Lonnie presents his passionate delivery of what Red Shoes Living means, he deftly aligns it with our medallists’ own Blue Ribbon on their medal, verbalising eloquently what their achievement means in the wider world. Lonnie’s message is one that we never tire of hearing.” 

Mike Faulkner
The British Citizen Award


The five steps to standing out
in business and life:


Don’t walk through life blind to the beauty around you. Witness the good. Choose to participate in a better world. Whether it’s looking up to appreciate a sunrise or checking your tone when you’re dealing with a disgruntled employee, have the courage to go all in, be present, and see your employees and customers as human beings first.


Studies show that an attitude of gratitude brings more happiness into the workplace and helps teams build the confidence to reach their goals. It also inspires higher productivity and job satisfaction, because employees feel like organizations value their contributions and have their best interests at heart.

Everyone Has a Story

Everyone has a story and those stories change every single day. Maybe that frustrated customer just worked a double shift or that checked-out employee is dealing with a sick parent. When you take pause to understand where someone is coming from, you can connect with them in a more meaningful way and motivate them to show up as their best self.

Respect and Kindness

An employee will give their all for a leader who sees the potential in them, holds them accountable to it, and also treats them with kindness and respect. Like my grandma, Avalanche Blanche, put it best: “Treat those who have more than you as equals and those who have less as kings and queens.”

Put Yourself Out There

What if you treated every interaction as a chance to stand out like a pair of red shoes? Get out of your comfort zone. Take action on your dreams. Become an advocate for an employee or go that extra mile to delight a customer. Be better today than you were yesterday. In the end you have to put yourself out there and do!

“Lonnie Mayne’s powerful message strikes a chord, deeply resonating both professionally and personally. I’ve had the honor of hearing Lonnie’s Red Shoes Living address twice. Both times I’ve taken pause and really felt the impact. Even amongst a large crowd, you are instantly captured by his words and feel his message is tailored just for you.

Lonnie’s five pillars promote positive conversation, reevaluation, and transformation.

I applaud Lonnie’s simple, yet powerful message that touches and energizes you to put your best self forward and show up every time.”

Chris Kirk
Managing Director
CBC Advisors

The Thing Is:

We all show up to work every day to do a job. To reach our goals, to support our families, to serve our purpose, to learn and grow.

But when we’re getting lost in emails, ever-changing KPIs, complex operating procedures, and a world that demands we do more with fewer resources…

It’s easy to get overwhelmed and disconnected from what matters most: Delivering standout customer experiences. The well-being of our employees. Our values, mission statements, and company objectives.

It’s up to us to turn the negative noise down and listen to each other, so we can come together on our vision. This is what Red Shoes Living is all about.

Red Shoes Living builds company cultures where people feel like they’re doing work that matters. It builds leaders who hold teams accountable while giving individuals the space to develop their strengths, facilitating flight and guaranteeing the organization’s success. It builds customer loyalty through meaningful and personalized interactions. And above all, it builds a life where you show up and put your best self forward every day.

For organizations that can’t — and won’t — settle for mediocrity, Red Shoes Living is the competitive edge you’ve been looking for.

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Professional Bio

Lonnie Mayne is the author of the acclaimed book, Red Shoes Living - Stand Out For The Positive in How You Work and How You Live. A deeply meaningful philosophy that reminds us to live our best life and do our best work. It’s a way of humanizing business and igniting human potential. It reminds us to stand out in our own way in literally everything we do. When we get it right, we create experiences that stand out, like a pair of red shoes.

Lonnie is an internationally recognized leadership authority and award-winning keynote speaker who is in high demand. Red Shoes Living, and it’s philosophy and framework, gets applied to leadership, culture, customer experience and to how one individually lives their life.

Lonnie is a former technology and turnaround executive who has spent thirty years building leadership teams to deliver Red Shoes Experiences, both inside teams, and getting the best out of people using the Red Shoes Living framework. Lonnie has worked with best-in-class companies who believe in standing out for the positive, including Microsoft, Nike, McDonald’s, Bose, Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Transamerica, Saks Fifth Avenue, Spartan, Talkdesk and many more.

Lonnie has presented at the Palace of Westminster in London, many professional stadiums around the world, and works with top-level CEOs and high-performing leadership teams of all kinds. He has also worked with Olympians, professional athletes, politicians, business executives, military leaders, fortune 100 executives, entrepreneurs, and founders of some of the most progressive companies of our time.

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